Read this out loud for intended effect For looking at mobile phone screens in elevators For biting nails For questioning your opinions but never others For drinking past your limit For not knowing what to say For not crying For laughing at mean jokes For hesitating to stand up for a stranger For fearing silence […]

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Past presently here with the ticking of tiny metal parts. Turn around to face forward, diving…headfirst disaster. You grab tightly holding on to the very last. Whizzing past frantic motion, sweat beads rolling across skin surface. “Say it”,  you shudder. Eyes wide, mouth gap. Close. Clasp shut; slither. “You taste forever”.

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Tiny bodies

It’s frightening how thin the membranes are that separate one from another. And yet how thick the the walls we build around us like defensive armor that we so desperately need. No three word confession can save us now.

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Limbs move beneath sheets, Flung like slow moving waves Bone crushing, this violence Spoken in grunts and silence Fetal position dreams, with Self-diagnosed fever pills

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Faces turn round and round Necks break mid-sentence No one hears a sound When we go places Away

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It feels so much safer in this sleep, Seduced by the promise of silence so shut my eyes I keep Savoring the pinch of You teeth tight against my lip

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